Ten for Tuesday Fireworks Edition

photo by Kathy Griffin.


  1. The “ten for” meme is a helpful way for me to organize my thoughts and get my week going, since Monday is my day off.
  2. I’ve been ranting about fireworks lately. Michigan recently changed its laws about what can be sold, and bigger, louder fireworks have become common. Shooting them off after 11 p.m. or even midnight is also quite common. Beyond it bothering me, I worry about companion animals. All of my friends with dogs report how the noise disturbs their pets.
  3. I enjoy municipal fireworks. When I worked in Detroit, several times I stayed and watched fireworks either from my offices – I worked in the Penobscot Building – or from other sites along the Detroit River. I’ve gone down to Muskegon Lake a few times since I’ve lived here, and one year I went up to visit my Whitehall friends and we watched the fireworks over White Lake. I simply have no interest and little patience in the home versions.
  4. Yesterday I learned that the reason I can’t remember playing with sparklers as a child is that I didn’t. My sister Chrisann was burned by a sparkler, quite badly. The scar has finally faded, but stayed on her hand for much of her life.
  5. Chris and I drove to Ann Arbor to see our dad at St. Joseph Mercy, thankfully boasting one of the best cardiac care units in the country. It’s the second time since May he’s been in the hospital. He has a leaky valve in his heart, and fluid is tending to build up in his lungs. He’s stable but weak. Apparently he can never have salt again.
  6. Brother Matt is providing our parents with a lot of support, both in driving and dealing with hospital and doctor visits, and in maintaining their house as Dad can’t do all the stuff he used to do. Thankful for that.
  7. I snuck in a visit with Linda, who had just dropped off kids at a birthday party. Ice cream is a good thing.
  8. I hung out at Chris & Fred’s and watched most of the Tigers game with them. Fred is a fount of knowledge about the Tigers, having memorized many statistics. I rely on MLB.com At Bat for such information. Sadly, the Tigers lost to Minnesota 4-6, but fought back from a 1-6 deficit and kept the game exciting.
  9. On my drive I started listening to The Blind Assassin, a Margaret Atwood novel I’ve tried to read twice but got bogged down in. I bought the audio version, I think I’m pretty well hooked. There’s lots of moving around among time periods, I’m waiting for some of the disparate threads to come together.
  10. Planning an unexpected funeral for a family who got married at Immanuel but have not been active for many years.
  11. Feeling sad. Also grateful.


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